What to know when buying a home October to December - Atlanta Realtor Jess Cooke Scarborough
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What to know when buying a home October to December

What to know when buying a home October to December

Yes, we know the spring/summer seasons are the most popular time of year for home buyers. And this year, here in Atlanta, it was a crazy, busy, competitive season. Of course, if you were a buyer in this market, you well know what I’m talking about.

If all the craziness had you sitting on the sidelines, or losing out on a few homes, now may just be the perfect time for you to step back into the market. According to data released by Trulia, October through December is the best time of year for buyers as home inventory goes up and prices improve.

Also, in general, there are fewer buyers in the market and sellers are often eager to get their home sold and closed before the end of the year.

The combination of all of these factors make this time of year a great season to be shopping for a home and negotiating a competitive price. Speaking of negotiation – if you know me, you know I love negotiating a great deal 😉 – here are a few of the points of the deal that I like to use as leverage to get you a great deal on your home purchase during the fourth quarter.

Tax benefits

By closing before the end of the year, you will get all the tax benefits to closing in 2018.

Need to close before the end of the year

Often corporate relocations happen in the fourth quarter, so if the seller needs to have their home sold and closed on before the end of the year we can offer a nice, neat closing process to meet their end of year deadline.

Where do we want to spend the holidays?

If the sellers want to spend one last Christmas in their home or be moved out in time to spend it in their new home, this can be a great negotiation piece to make their holiday desires happen.

So, how about it? Are you ready to take advantage of the pendulum swinging closer to the buyer’s favor this season? If so, I’m happy to help you find your perfect place here in Atlanta, all wrapped up in a holiday bow.


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