Buyers - Atlanta Realtor Jess Cooke Scarborough
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Here’s How I Can Help

Buying or selling your next luxury home and relocating your family can be an exciting yet hectic, stressful time. I want to help make it as rewarding and pleasant as possible. How? Well, for starters I’m a real estate attorney in addition to being a Realtor® so I can successfully represent your interests all along the way. I’m also a long-time resident of Atlanta – third-generation, in fact – so I know the area well and can guide you to the neighborhood and home that best fits you..

For Buyers

As a buyer in a tight market you need all the competitive advantages you can get to win the home of your dreams. My job, as your agent, is to guide you and give you every advantage through each step on your journey home. As an attorney, Realtor®, and Atlanta native, my experience and unique expertise are at your service to help you find the upscale Atlanta home of your dreams and get through the purchase process with the ease.